The company

TM performance originally started life as TM Tecnologie Meccaniche, born from the passion and long-standing experience in the field of its founder, Gianni Frabetti. At the outset it specialised in the production of precision components to order, but over time the quality of its products has made TM into one of the major suppliers of braking systems and underbody components for competition and racing cars.

Global player

The TM Performance team is capable of providing support for one-off projects, all-round strategic support on or off track and international market coverage. Its strength lies in speed of execution, the capacity to seize new opportunities and give immediate, effective responses in an industry like motorsports where there are no production standards. The company’s streamlined structure gives it the capacity to manage both production and logistics processes rapidly and flexibly.


TM Performance was born in the homeland of Italian engineering in the hinterland of Bologna, already with a keen eye to the aftermarket for high-precision components. Over time, the passion and perseverance of its team led the company to grow, take on new market challenges, expand the range of products and services and improve quality even further.

Key points

TM Performance’s strength lies in providing custom solutions in exceptionally short lead times and its innate in-the-field problem-solving capacity. Research and development into new, high-performance tailor-made products put TM Performance in a position to provide excellent on-off solutions to makers and manage all production and logistics aspects rapidly and flexibly.

Strong in its skills and strategic links with makers and teams, the TM group is currently in a new phase of development aimed at industrialising its motorsports components production process.