Racing components

These products are split into two categories: TM High Performance, which includes the entire braking system, and TM High Precision, covering all underbody mechanical components for competition and racing cars.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, experience in the field and its in-house R&D department, TM always manages to find the right solution to all needs and constantly improve its range of products. From supplier to Technical Department of many leading car makers, investments in advanced technology have transformed TM into a brand that literally sells performance


Braking system

The TM Performance braking system has won itself a place on the podium many times, accompanying the world’s leading racing teams to victories in recent years. Over and above the excellence of its products, TM Performance’s strength lies in its ongoing efforts to improve its products, and the capacity of its team to support customer both on and off the track.



TM High Precision Underbody components made by TM Performance are known to customers for quality and capacity to develop custom solutions. Our Technical department can offer personalised solutions with optimal performance levels, backed by the R&D department that studies all possible ways of achieving the performance our customers demand.