R&D, Development And Tailor-Made Production

In the world of motorsports, unlike the production of road-going cars, we encounter technical problems needing immediate solutions often difficult to solve with standard components. Study and analysis, coupled with the creativity and rapidity of our team in developing solutions make TM Performance an extremely reliable partner in finding solution to complex problems.


With its capacity to develop and produce tailor-made components, the R&D department is capable of meeting all customer requirements, offering personalised solutions to improve product functionality and enhance performance. The experience of our team is value-added for makers, because working with TM Performance they also get high-level engineering and consulting services and support in component design and production.

Immediate solutions

The strength of TM Performance lies in having developed a perfect production system constructed around the work of extremely competent professionals in an industry, like motorsports, where there are no production standards and problems demanding immediate and effective solutions.

Strategic engineering consulting

With its custom products and solutions, TM Performance has proved itself a valid support for racing teams and car makers in need of strategic engineering consulting, and TM Performance’s investments in Research and Development have likewise proved essential, giving the company the capacity to offer ad hoc solutions. The ongoing search for excellence, the dynamics of the team and its experience have been rewarded in competitions the world over, and this is why TM Performance will always dedicate energy and resources to improving R&D.


After Market
Reverse Engineering

TM Performance offers a reverse engineering service for the motorsports industry. Starting out from the original component, our team is capable of reconstructing the technical design and reproducing components exactly like the original, often improving the original quality.


TM Performance supports its customers design processes offering all the mechanical solutions necessary for processing components in ideal conditions thanks to its exceptionally well-furnished machine pool, capable of executing complex machining operations with minimal margins of error. TM also works with a network of trusted companies for special machining processes, heat treatments and surface treatments. The processes we can provide include:

  • External grinding
  • Tangential grinding
  • Turning / milling (up to 5 axes)
  • Wire EDM
  • Die sinker EDM
  • GROB cold roll forming (without chip removal)
  • Deep boring
  • Lapping
  • Balancing
  • Personalised logo laser marking